Our Services

Our company is capable of providing a range of services when it comes to building commercial and industrial construction projects, depending on the needs of our clients and the unique specifications of the undertaking.

Construction Management


BDA’s Construction Management services are highly effective in the overall planning and control of a project, from initial drawings to final walkthrough and beyond. Our objective is to meet, and exceed, our clients’ requirements, delivering a project that fulfills the intended function, within the specified timeline, without compromising on quality.

For each of our Construction Management projects, we meet our objectives by focusing on the following key deliverables:

  • Planning
  • Budget Management
  • Time Management
  • Quality Control
  • Contract Administration
  • Site Safety

General Contracting

We know construction. Our expertise as general contractors stems from a wealth of experience in commercial and industrial projects during our many years of operation. Our approach is to identify our client’s priorities and goals, and to ensure that everyone on the project team understands and is prepared to work together to achieve these goals. Timing, scheduling, budgeting and communication are the fundamentals for successful projects, and our team brings its sharp skills to each new endeavour.

We deliver the highest possible standard of work through strong relationships with both competitive and high quality subcontractors. Our long history with some of the industry’s most experienced trades allows us to find the right fit for the right project.


Stipulated price contracts form the main body of our portfolio and we enjoy strong, ongoing relationships with our clients.


BDA has a dedicated team tasked with delivering service and small projects. We have extensive experience working in occupied and operational buildings and we are sensitive to the requirements of clients, tenants and residents. Our team responds quickly to requests from clients for all repair and restoration work in the following types of facilities:

  • Commercial high rise
  • Multi-unit residential and condominium suite upgrades and/or repairs
  • Retirement residence and long term care facilities

Our services include, but are not limited to:

  • Common area repairs, upgrades and renovations
  • Suite and unit repairs, upgrades and renovations
  • Drywall repairs, wall removal and replacement
  • Painting
  • Millwork repairs and replacement
  • Flooring repairs and replacement
  • Glazing, caulking, building envelope
  • Flood response, repair and restoration

Your flexibility, personalized service, innovation and ability to meet demands have been outstanding. I really am beginning to think that you are capable of pulling rabbits out of hats on short notice.Rubik Satoor, VP, Internal Operations, Futureway Communications Inc.